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We focus on maximizing law firm value.

Consulting Since 1987

Every law firm derives its value from the knowledge and skills of its professionals. Your attorneys and professionals are your biggest assets, your largest investment and are absolutely essential to providing value to your clients. Dennis McCue and his team help your firm's management develop, motivate and communicate effectively with your people.

Partners may need help communicating with one another or their teams, designing a strategic course, or even addressing a management crisis. When the firm is under-performing or stagnant and success seems like a pipe dream, you probably need help.

Dennis McCue has been helping law and other service firms for over 30 years. His clients make improvements in their practice management skills. They become adept at business and management skills never taught in law school. Crises become opportunities for success rather than obstacles. We help you successfully plan for firm growth, carry out innovating strategies, and troubleshoot the difficult issues that often get in the way of progress. We provide a methodology for firm management that helps clients evaluate current business practices, leadership style, strengths, failures, and goals. This aids in choosing new directions to optimize the growth of the legal practice. Together we can help you set and achieve your goals.



These values guide our work:

  • Seek to understand a client’s situation
  • Become a committed support to the firm’s growth
  • Listen to Partners with empathy
  • Bring clarity where needed
  • Contribute imagination and humor
  • Help leaders transform tough situations into opportunities
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Dennis McCue

Dennis McCue is a management consultant who helps law firms implement changes that will improve productivity, effectiveness, accountability and profitability.

He serves as a ‘thinking partner’ with them for clarity, direction, decisiveness and focus on appropriate action. He asks challenging questions which elicit new ways of seeing real-life situations. Then he provides coaching about how to communicate effectively the new world view and the new direction.

Using thirty-three years of management consulting, he helps attorneys make changes within their firm and address areas of poor performance. Though all firms have these issues, there are very few resources available to assist. These real time concerns are rarely discussed in public legal forums, media or required MCLE education.

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